ОrganiХ fertilizer

The best organic fertilizer!


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OrganiX Fertiliser:
  • Improves the germination of seeds and their viability

  • Activates the growth of the root system

  • Increases plant resistance to drought and waterlogging

  • The structure of the soil improves, which improves its water-air regime

  • Bonds heavy metals, radionuclides in soil

  • Improves plant immunity and resistance to stress

  • Activates useful soil microflora

Modern organic fertilizers for ecological and traditional farming, based on HUMAT - potassium salts of humic, and fulvic acids.

The raw material is peat.

Fertilizers obtained from peat in their properties are most approximate to natural humus.

what  the  O.F.  is?
Crop capacity increase
If the climate is dry?​
  • The high content of hydrogen and oxygen in the humic acids of peat indicates maximum hydrophilicity, namely, high water content, migration activity and bioavailability of humic substances that make up its composition.​

  • Humic acids and their potassium salts are effective aqua-sorbents.​

On sandy soil, a tenfold increase in water retention capacity​

15-55 % crop capacity increase

Savings from 10-35% chemical fertilizers (or complete failure in organic farming)

Additional income of $ 20-50 per each ivested $ 1